The Future of SR&ED-Reflections on the Jenkins Report

Innovation Canada: A Call to Action
This report aka the Jenkins Report includes a series of recommendations, including recommendations to the SR&ED. The panel of “experts consisted of e six members; 3 are academics, 2 are CEO’s of large public companies and the sixth is employed in a NGO dedicated to advocating for research intensive publicly/funded colleges and institutes and technology?

The main beneficiaries of SR&ED are the SME’s, for whom the SR&ED program can be “transformational”. Yet there is no member of the Panel who has expertise in this sector. It would appear that the panel has a prima facie apprehension of bias against SME’s and in favour universities and government agencies.

In the Reports “About the Cover”, the story is told of Canadians Woodward and Evans, who patented a light bulb in 1874 and contrasted their story with that of Thomas Edison whose patent was issued in 1879. While they mentioned that Edison realized the commercial viability of the light bulb and was able to secure major financing to continue his experiments, they failed to explain why Woodward and Evans failed to obtain financing.

Edison succeeded because he learned early on in his career as an inventor to “never waste time inventing things that people would not want to buy.”

By the way, neither Woodward and Evans nor Edison ever received a penny of government support for their work. By the time Edison “invented” the light bulb, he was already a successful entrepreneur who had started and sold several businesses.

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